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Complex Decision-Making and Brand Loyalty

High involvement purchases are recognized as those purchases that pose some level of risk on the purchaser or consumer. This can be further divided into brand loyalty, it is a habit, or complex decision-making, if there are many difference between brands and the products offered. Some examples include a house, a car or a big screen TV like the one my roommates and I bought in the end of August. As we were putting together our new place, the three of us came across an important decision: should we keep our 28 inch TV or go bigger? Of course, a 28 inch TV is more than decent but in the end we went for the 50 inch TV. Here is the process by which we decided to make our purchase.
Although in our situation it was not an actual problem or, more importantly, a need, we felt there was a discrepancy between our actual state of TV usage and our ideal state. In reality, we had a regular-size TV. However, improvements in technology had made it out of date and we even had some malfunctioning problems with the screen. Ideally, we wanted a big screen TV which also meant better technology and picture quality. We also felt that we had managed to put together such a nice place that we ought to capitalize it with the purchase of a big screen TV that would also serve decorative purposes. Last, we want our place to be the “get together place” to watch games, movies, etc. So far it has been…
2. INFORMATION SEARCH a. INTERNAL SEARCH Since neither my roommates nor I had been involved in the purchase of a TV in the past years, our internal research could only help us to a certain extent. Our consideration set included: JVC, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and Samsung. We recalled these brands based on brand familiarity, past experiences and our preference. The…...

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...  Factors  influencing  the  decision-­‐making  process  of   hotel  customers  buying  opaque  deals     A  dissertation  submitted  by   Ayush  Mittal     in  partial  completion  of  the  award  of     MSc.  Tourism  &  Hospitality  Management                       Ayush  Mittal   Any  other  contributions  or  sources  have  either  been  referenced  in  the   prescribed  manner  or  are  listed  in  the  acknowledgements  together  with  the   nature  and  scope  of  their  contribution.’           ‘I  hereby  declare  that  the  dissertation  is  submitted  is  wholly  the  work  of     School  of  Tourism   Bournemouth  University       2013     Declaration   I agree that, should the University wish to retain it for reference purposes, a copy of my dissertation may be held by Bournemouth University normally for a period of three academic years. I understand that once the retention period has expired my dissertation will be destroyed. Confidentiality   I confirm that this dissertation does not contain information of a commercial or confidential nature or include personal information other than that which would...

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