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Case 1 Module 1

The world we live in today is simple, “INFORMATION OVERLOAD.” Many companies and corporation have various computer systems to provide an efficient workplace. Perhaps it comes from a world of technological advances or it comes from a world of social changes. Let me start with this, technological things come about over years, but it’s simple, technological things only come about from collaborating. In today’s time, it is my opinion to show that technology in a work place comes directly from sociological impacts in our society today. It’s easy, collaboration, sociological changes in time and trends of historical data in the world today are key results in technological advances. Overload can be defines as, “to much information in a processing system, or a unit of measure that exceeds its capacity.” Sociology is the study and classifications of human societies. So now I think, if I put these two together what do I get? In this paper I will discuss my position that sociological changes affect how efficiency works in a work place.
From the beginning of time, think about how things came about. How did we start our own language? How did we build streets? How did we design computers, car building machines, and create robots that work in pharmacies. It’s simple it’s a little called collaboration. Collaboration can be defined, “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” In today’s time collaboration is the key to any effective work place. To develop systems, many engineers come together and collectively come up with an idea to create a system. Lets looks at a system that the United States Air Force has called ADS. ADS is also known as the automated disbursing system formerly known as CDS,…...

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