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THIS AGREEMENT made this _____ day of___________________, is by and between ________________________ (hereinafter called the “Team”), a member of the National Basketball Association (hereinafter called the “NBA” or “League”) and ___________________ , an individual whose address is shown below (hereinafter called the “Player”). In consideration of the mutual promises hereinafter contained, the parties hereto promise and agree as follows: 1. TERM.

The Team hereby employs the Player as a skilled basketball player for a term of ____ year(s) from the 1st day of September ____. 2. SERVICES.

The services to be rendered by the Player pursuant to this Contract shall include: (a) training camp, (b) practices, meetings, workouts, and skill or conditioning sessions conducted by the Team during the Season, (c) games scheduled for the Team during any Regular Season, (d) Exhibition games scheduled by the Team or the League during and prior to any Regular Season, (e) if the Player is invited to participate, the NBA’s All-Star Game (including the Rookie-Sophomore Game) and every event conducted in association with such All-Star Game, but only in accordance with Article XXI of the Collective Bargaining Agreement currently in effect between the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (hereinafter the “CBA”), (f) Playoff games scheduled by the League subsequent to any Regular Season, (g) promotional and commercial activities of the Team and the League as set forth in this Contract and the CBA, and (h) any NBADL Work Assignment in accordance with Article XLII of the CBA. 3. COMPENSATION.

(a) Subject to paragraph 3(b) below, the Team agrees to pay the Player for rendering the services and performing the obligations described herein the Compensation described in Exhibit 1 or Exhibit 1A hereto (less…...

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...Physical Science Final Exam Name: _______Helen Carr______________________ Student Number: ____________________ Short Answer/Fill in the Blank: Type your answer in the blank, or in the space below the question. Do not use the internet, please use ONLY the textbook to create your solutions. Do not use outside sources.When you are ready to submit your exam for grading, attach the document to the Final Exam link in the left hand column. | Completion Complete each statement.  |   |  1.  | A car that increases its speed from 20 km/h to 100 km/h undergoes ____positive________________ acceleration.  |   |  2.  | It usually takes more force to start an object sliding than it does to keep an object sliding because static friction is usually ___________greater_________ than sliding friction.  |   |  3.  | In a closed system, the loss of momentum of one object ______is equal to______________ the gain in momentum of another object.  |   |  4.  | Using a hammer to drive a nail, it is the reaction force that brings the motion of the hammer to a stop but the _____action force__________ that drives the nail into the wood.  |   |  5.  | As an object’s temperature increases, the ______rate______________ at which it radiates energy increases.  |   |  6.  | When a person plucks a guitar string, the number of half wavelengths that fit into the length of the string determines the ___________pitch_________ of the sound produced.  |   |  7.  | The law of reflection states that...

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...Orðflokkar: nafnorð, sagnorð, lýsingarorð Nafnorð fallbeygjast og taka með sér greini. Dæmi: hér er: hestur hesturinn um: hest hestinn frá: hesti hestinum til: hests hestsins Finnið nafnorðin í textanum (undirstrikið þau): Strætisvagninn kom alltof snemma og því misstu nemendurnir allir af honum. Kokkurinn missti hnífinn niður í gólfið. Ráðherrann las skýrsluna og sendi þingmönnunum öllum bréf um málið. ________________________________________________________ Sagnorð lýsa athöfn. Þau taka með sér nafnháttarmerkið að, t.d. að sofa, að lesa, að lenda, að stoppa o.s.frv. – Orðin sofa, lesa, lenda, stoppa eru því sagnorð. Dæmi um sagnorð í setningum: Jón sofnaði eftir að hann hætti að lesa í bókinni. Finnið sagnorðin í textanum (undirstrikið þau): * Ég ætlaði aldrei að geta klárað að lesa yfir ritgerðina. * Hún var lengri en ég hélt í fyrstu. * En svo kom andinn yfir mig og ég gat hugsað skýrt. Og ég lauk við lesturinn. ________________________________________________________ Lýsingarorð standa með nafnorðum og lýsa eiginleikum þess sem nafnorðið vísar til: árangursríkt nám, flottur gemsi Merkingarleg einkenni lýsingarorða: * Þau gefa til kynna einkenni alls þess sem nafnorð geta táknað: rauður bíll, sítt pils, lítið hús, góðir skór * Finnið lýsingarorðin í textanum (undirstrikið þau): „Þetta finnst mér afar falleg gjöf”, sagði Erna glöð í bragði. Þá roðnaði Jón svo mikið að hann varð rauður sem eldhnöttur í......

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