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Debate topics: Contracts

1. Issue: breach of contract. Colorado Bicycle Tours & Rental, LLC (CBTR) ordered 75 standard touring class bicycles from BIKE, Inc. (BIKE). The terms and conditions of the purchase are set forth in the contract and accompanying purchase order. Due to a work stoppage over a labor dispute, BIKE’s production of standard touring bicycles was seriously deficient in the months following CBTR’s order placement. Because BIKE was aware of CBTR’s immediate need for bicycles (the contract stated that “time is of the essence”), BIKE shipped 23 discontinued model bicycles, 20 standard touring bicycles and 12 deluxe touring bicycles. While the discontinued bicycles were not to specification, the deluxe bicycles exceeded specifications, although they were invoiced at the same price as the standard bicycles that met specifications.

After shipment, but prior to receipt of the bicycles by CBTR, the president of BIKE, Barbara Wilson, personally called Donna Dufresne, CBTR’s purchasing manager, to explain the situation and asked whether the substituted bicycles were acceptable. Dufresne reluctantly ok’d the purchase in a telephone conversation with Wilson. The contract indicated that any material changes to the agreement had to be in writing and agreed to by authorized representatives of the parties. Charlene Smythe, CBTR’s CFO, was the authorized representative of CBTR, while Wilson was BIKE’s authorized representative.

When the bicycles were unpacked at CBTR, Smythe was alerted that the quantity and quality of the bicycles was different than those ordered. When confronted by Smythe, Dufresne admitted verbally authorizing the changed purchase Furious, Smythe called Wilson and threatened to sue if BIKE did not provide the bikes ordered by the time specified in the contract. Wilson knew that it would be impossible to properly…...

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...Speaking alternates between the two sides and the order of the debate is therefore: 1. Prime Minister 2. Leader of the Opposition 3. Deputy Prime Minister 4. Deputy Leader of the Opposition 5. Member for the Government 6. Member for the Opposition 7. Government Whip 8. Opposition Whip ------------------------------------------------- [edit]Roles As British Parliamentary debates take place between four teams their roles are split into two categories, those for the Opening factions, and those for the Closing factions. [edit]Opening factions The first faction on each Government and Opposition team, known as the Opening Factions, has four basic roles in a British Parliamentary debate. They must: * Define the motion of the debate. * Present their case. * Respond to arguments of the opposing first faction. * Maintain their relevance during the debate. The Opening Government team has the semi-divine right of definition, preventing the opposition from challenging their definition of the motion unless it is either a truism or clearly unreasonable. [edit]Closing factions The role of the second two factions are to: * Introduce a case extension. * Establish and maintain their relevance early in the debate. * Respond to the arguments of the first factions. * Respond to the case extension of the opposing second faction. In addition, the final two speakers of the debate (known as the Whips) take a similar role to the......

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