Determining Financial Viability

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Determining Financial Viability What’s the difference – Finance and accounting, accounting and finance? Accounting is a necessary input and subfunction to finance (World Academy, n.d.). The treatment of funds and decision making, relate to the primary distinction between accounting and finance. Finance and accounting are not the same, but accounting is concerned with financial records, while finance relies on accounting reports and data base. The future depends on past events as pointers. The principles of accounting organize and prepare financial statements for an organization (Cleverly, 2011). The success to any business is critical from both accounting and finance. Accounting is knowledge and finance is the know what to do with that knowledge. Viability is about being able to generate sufficient income to meet the commitments, debts, payments, and where applicable, to all or growth while maintaining service levels in a health Care organization. Both accounting and finance are different; however, they have a close relationship to each other. Accounting involves the preparation of a balance sheet, which at a certain date will reflect on the financial position of an organization (Let’s learn finance, n.d.). Accounting shows the profit or loss of an organization during the year with concerns of recording of business transactions of a company, then presenting it in a profit and loss account. On the broader end of this concept, finance makes use of all the data which is presented in the profit and loss accounting. This could be the balance sheet or the cash flow statement. Decisions related to the finance statements can help in raising money for future projects, utilizing resources of an organization to effectively and efficiently produce goods or services in order for the organization to make a profit. The study of accounting is the…...

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Determining Financial Viability

...Determining Financial Viability Accounting and finance are closely related to a certain extent in which both deal with the financial aspects of a company. Accounting and finance work together in creating “a company’s budget or working capital analysis” (Wise-Geek, 2012, p. 1). Accounting involves recording of an organizations operations of a business as well as showing the information in the outline profit and loss accounts, which demonstrates the gain or loss of the organizations throughout the year. In addition, accounting includes provisions of a balance sheet replicating the monetary positions of a business at a specific time period. It should provide clear and precise figures about the proprietary and financial condition in a specific entity. Finance is a wider view and uses information, which is obtainable in the accounting area such as “profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement” (Parikh, 2011, p. 1) to decide upon financially linked judgments, for instance how to increase funds for upcoming plans of a business. These statements provide a valuable amount of information for a company. The statistics retained in these statements assists financial directors with analyzing past performance as well as future inclinations of a business. Both accounting and finance must be used together to make effective decisions for a company therefore, finance uses past statistics from the accounting aspect to formulate future decisions. In order to determine financial......

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...Determining Financial Viability Finance and accounting go hand- in- hand so to speak. It is hard to have one without the other. Individuals who are in finance control money. Finance is the business or act of managing the monetary resources of an organization or person. Accounting is the activity, practice, or profession of maintaining the business records of a person or organization and preparing forms and reports for tax or other financial purposes. There is a need for both to determine financial viability within a health care organization. “A business’ finances are just as important, but very different from the accounting. When considering a business’ finances, you will review all of the accounting data to make monetary decisions affecting the business. The accounting data may help you with financial planning, reviewing the performance of the business, and ensuring that the business is meeting the legal obligations, such as tax reporting.”(Elgar, Peter, 2011 pg 1) So with this being said, both departments are very important not just to the organization but to each other as well. Financial viability is the ability to continue to achieve its operating objectives and fulfill its mission over the long term of the business. Having the funds available to excel in the health care organization is critical not just for consumers but for healthcare professionals, hospitals and clinics. Finances makes for more opportunities to invest in newer technology and studies. So it goes...

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...Diana C. Gutierrez Health Care Accounting and Bills 240 July 7, 2013 Paula Arceneaux Determining Financial Viability When it comes to finance and accounting they are both part of the financial form of a business. These two departments deal with finances in different ways. Accounting mainly deals with examining and preparing financial records and making sure their accurate, that their taxes are paid properly and in a timely manner, and to ensure that all financial operations are ran efficiently. Then again, finance handles primarily with making important financial decisions for the business and helps to make plans and strategies to reach their financial goals. (Financial Managers 2012). It is also essential that the finance mangers uses the financial information gathered by the accounting department to make the best decisions for the business. Nonetheless, accountants and financial managers must work together to make sure they operates effectively and efficiently to ensure the continued short and long term financial viability of any health care organization. The way they work together to determine financial viability within a health care organization is by working together in creating “a company’s budget”. Accounting concerns itself with recording the information regarding profit and loss accounts, which shows the gain and loss of the business overall. Also, the accounting department will provide a balance sheet showing the finances of the business at certain times,......

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