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THIS RENT AGREEMENT made at Gurgaon on this ___________day of __________2013 between_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________hereinafter called the FIRST PARTY which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning hereof, mean and include his heirs, successors,legal representatives,executors and assigns)of ONE PART
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________hereinafter called the SECOND PARTY which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or meaning hereof,mean and include his heirs,successors,legal representatives,executors and assigns) of OTHER PART.WHEREAS the first party is the absolute owner and in Possession of ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(hereinafter called the PREMISES) and the First Party has agreed to the Second Party on the following terms and conditions.
NOW THIS WITNESS AS UNDER:- 1. That the First Party of the above premises shall commence _______to _____________________for a period of _____month from the date of tenancy. 2. That the Second party shall pay the monthly rent of Rs______________/-(Rupees______________________only)per month to the First party by cash on or before 7th day of each English Calendar month 3. That the Second party have paid Rs___________/-(Rupeees___________only)advance____month rent/Security will be paid by the Second party to the first party without interest which will be refunded to the lasses when the premises are vacated. 4. That the…...

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