Diesel for Successful Living

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Diesel for Successful Living:
Branding Strategies for an Up-market Line Extension in the Fashion Industry

This case was the overall winner of the 2007 European Case Clearing House Awards This case received the 2006 European Case Clearing House Award in the category “Marketing”

01/2008-4948 This case was written by Vadim Grigorian (INSEAD MBA 2000) and Pierre Chandon, Assistant Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of an administrative situation. We thank Maurizio Marchiori, Antonella Viero, and Giovanni Pungetti from Diesel SpA for their help and support. Copyright © 2004 INSEAD

It was the end of summer 1998. In less than a month, the first StyleLab catwalk fashion show would be held in London. Renzo Rosso needed to make tough decisions about the branding strategy of this new line and he needed to make them fast. StyleLab was the new upscale product line of Diesel SpA, the Italian casual wear company famous for its cult Diesel jeans and controversial advertising. One of the fastest-growing fashion companies of the 1990s, Diesel was No. 2 in the jeans industry in Europe and had high expectations for StyleLab. StyleLab was designed to exploit growth opportunities in the emerging luxury segment of the casual wear market, competing with the likes of D&G (from Dolce & Gabbana) and Miu Miu (from Prada). It was also seen as a way to counteract the unprecedented diffusion of the main denim D-Diesel line which might jeopardize the exclusivity and status of the brand. Furthermore, StyleLab would allow Diesel’s cherished designers to express their creativity by experimenting with new cuts and fabrics. Renzo Rosso, Diesel’s president and founder, was confident that…...

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...DIESEL case study “Branded hedonism” Enric Gili Fort | ID520 Communication Planning | Fall 2005 | Institute of Design, IIT Enric Gili Fort Design Planning track ID520 Communication Planning Fall 2005 Institute of Design, IIT Chicago, IL 2 Table of contents 1. Era Analysis 4 • Era analysis • Competitive Analysis 2. Brand portfolio architecture 10 3. Brand identity beyond names and marks 12 4. Communication approaches and assets 16 •Identifying communication assets •Marketing Approach 5. Communication considerations and modes 22 •Framing of terms of comparison and key messages •Analysis of a communication • Webography and appendix 24  1. Era and competitive analysis Era analysis Diesel jeans started in 1978 when Renzo Rosso, after being designing his own clothes for several years and after graduating of an industrial manufacturing textile school, joined forces with a group of textile manufacturers in his region creating the Genesis group. Under the umbrella of this company many brands were launched and nowadays many still remain well known: such as katherine Hamnett, Goldie, martin guy, ten big boys and of course, diesel. In 1985 Rosso took control of the company by buying out the other partners and while being the sole force of the brand the company began its expansion. Without being trained neither in marketing or advertisement, Rosso defined and created the brand from scratch and after few......

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