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Digit Scan

“Identify You”



December 12, 2011

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Overview 3
Products and Services 5
The Market and Competition 6
Sales and Marketing Plan 9
Management Team 12
Go-to-Market Strategy 13
Operating Plan 14
Key Financial Information 16
Capitalization and Use of Funds 18
Exit Strategy or Payback Analysis 18
Notices and Disclaimers 18

Introduction and Overview

Digit Scan will provide the Digit scanner for hospitals, doctors, EMT’s as well as any other business and or organization which needs to use data base of information to provide their clients and or patients with the utmost accurate and secure services.

Digit Scan will be especially helpful to customers who deal with clients with medial issues or for people who need to identify their customers records in a discreet and accurate manner.

The company has a promising future due to the growth rates currently being seen in the biometric field.

As the founder of this new business, we are familiar with bring important experience to the business, including [insert a sentence or two describing your experience, include industry experience, startup or small business experience, and even community involvement that shows your character].

I am most optimistic about the ability to start, sustain and grow [Digit Scan] because [insert your reasons—people want to know that you are excited about the business].

Current Business Structure

Digit Scan is in the formative stages and is expected to be opened in the early part of 2012, when all our corporate funding is in place and our products are ready for shipment.


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