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Digital Rights Management (DRM) are techniques used to control the use of intellectual property in digital formats controlling unauthorized redistribution and restricting the ways consumers can copy content that they have purchased. 2 These controls started with copy preventative measures on software that was sold in diskette form. 1 Over the years DRM has improved to cover intellectual property such as movies, music and books. DRM is important to intellectual property owners. Without these improvements owners were reluctant about moving forward with sharing these items digitally. There is some controversy involved in the use of DRM as the techniques restrict some legitimate uses.

DRMs that are now being utilized may restrict the ereader you use to read a book, prevent you from copying a DVD or Blue-Ray to your portable device or dictate which applications are available for your specific smart phone. 3 Corporations claim that these DRMs not only protect their intellectual property but also protect the consumer from viruses, malware and adware. Many consumers feel that these restrictions should not be in place, or should be less restrictive so that consumers can have some freedom over their personal use once they have paid a fair market price for digital property.

Intellectual property needs to be protected. Owners are rightfully concerned about unlawful copying and distribution, without compensation, of their works. As techniques and technologies improve and increase to protect intellectual property virtually all copy-protection schemes are cracked. 1 Piracy continues to be a lucrative market both here in the United States and overseas where digital rights protections and enforcements are much more lax. Still, many executives feel as if DRM is useless in the protection of music and movie property. Some have gone as far as offering their propertied without DRM…...

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