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“How Disani used an eco-conscious sampling tour to connect-and-convert college kids.”

What challenges face the bottled water category of sponsorship?
Bottled water has a negative perception due to environmental and sustainability issues. People are becoming more aware of sustainability practices and how plastic effects the environment in which we live.

What was Disani’s answer to the challenge?

Disani launched their “PlantBottle”, which is made up of 30% plant material and 100% recyclable. Also, launched the “Design to Make a Difference Tour” which traveled to college campuses, music events, and theme parks to help spread their sustainability message.

Describe ways that Disani activated their sponsorship.

They wanted to get people involved and make sustainability practices fun. They used video op, shot targets with air guns, got soaked, and won prizes. Disani wanted to improve their brand.

Describe the Plantbottle Tour.

The tour used bright blue inflatable tents with “X-gloo” written on them. People who came by had a chance to be in a slow motion video of them getting soaked, shot air guns, won prizes, etc. One tent showcased their recycled plastic bottles that have been recycled into new items: New Balance’s newSKY shoes, CaseMate cell phone case, and a Simon Lee guitar.

Describe the Disani Drops Program.

Disani launched a new project where consumers can flavor their water how they choose. Four flavors were launched – strawberry kiwi, pink lemonade, pineapple coconut, and mixed berry. Consumers can use the drops in their bottle water or tap water. They launched their product in Seaside Heights, NJ on Labor Day weekend. Consumers sampled their product and played games.

Was the Disani sampling tour an effective experiential marketing campaign? Why? Why not?

The tour definitely worked. Disani wanted to…...

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