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Many people who were opposed to the Disney’s America theme park were not thinking long term. I believe that they did not realize how much and how quickly times can change. More and smaller country towns are becoming populated. The same reason that small towns located outside the D.C. metro area are becoming extinct. Areas like Haymarket Virginia, which barely used to be a blip on the radar is now a community that holds over 100,000 new residential homes .The group of environmentalist that were so adamant to get rid of Disney, a company that only wanted to commemorate the History of the United States, now has to deal with new and pricier residential homes.
I think that as a manger, of any company, I would have tried to let residents of Haymarket and surrounding communities know the long term effects of this business venture. Things like, if Disney Corporation does not build here someone else will and not only will they build but that site will not recognize the legacy of American history.
Looking back at all this, I think that either way, Virginia and Disney are better off. For reasons like, no matter what traffic in Northern Virginia is and will always be there. I don’t think that Americans are completely ready to have a park that is dedicated to the hardships of its people. For Disney, with having over 17 million people who visited the Magic Kingdom in Florida in 2007 not being in Virginia keeps the doors open to Disneyland and Disneyworld open to new adventures while still being the hot commodity that they are known…...

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