Do All Business's Need to Globalise to Succeed

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The business world is becoming increasingly global. As a result of this many companies such as costa coffee & Dyson, have changed their strategies in relation to the markets they target or where they produce.

Does the increasing global nature of business mean that all organizations need to change their strategies significantly to achieve higher profits.

Justify your answer with reference to Costa Coffee, Dyson and or other organizations that you know. (18)

Globalisation of companies can have serious advantages that can mean a companies success is huge! as well a company can have massive success with out giving their product to the global market!

In 1975 Nike moved its manufacturing overseas, since then it now has over 44 over seas factories, where there products are made! Nikes idea to use global labour to make there product (s) global meant that Nike now had a larger captive market, not just the market back in America, where the HQ is based.
By moving there manufacturing overseas Nike managed to take advantage of low manufacturing costs meaning that a higher profit margin can be obtained!
If Nike would be manufacturing in America or developed countries then the price of their products would be extremely high, and in the competitive market this would not work as their competitors would be undercutting Nike.

Globalisation can bring a companies product back to life, if a companies product is in a saturated market then they may not be making enough money to keep the company out of debt! The main idea of having a company is to make a profit, in a saturated market this could be hard, as demand may be low or even no room for growth in the future! by making the product global this may spark massive interest, as it is in a fresh market! Increasing the chance of profit!
Although with out the correct market research the company may end up losing out on there…...

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