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The aim of this project is to- * Devise the basic cause behind dowry system. * Highlight it as a critical problem of the society. * Construct a relation between law and dowry.

This project will emphasize on the question that why dowry is harmful for the society. Even in the 21st century women are subject to exploitation. Dowry system is widespread in the society and it is considered as a social evil. The crux of this project is to portray dowry as the root cause of mental and physical harassment and agony suffered by women.

Exploitation of women has been by the society’s evil norms has been the focus of considerable concern for several decades. However dowry death has been a primary concern for many researchers. A number of researchers have operationally defined marriages as money earning rackets through dowry ( Gopalan Retheesh Babu 2010 , Bontha Veerraju Babu 2010 ). Research has indicated that dowry death is not only prevalent in rural areas but urban areas too. It is regarded as a crime against humanity.

The basic concept behind this research is that dowry has become the deadliest enemy of this free and civilized society. The root cause behind dowry deaths is Hindu religious orthodoxy. In olden days dowry was given voluntarily and out of love and affection but these days customs have become brutally dangerous. This paper appraises the public health onus of mortality in the society due to dowry death. It also takes into consideration some demographic and socio-economic factors.

RESEARCH QUESTIONS: * Why is dowry system prevalent in our society even in the 21st century ? * What impact does it create on the development of the society ? * What has been done to uproot this social evil…...

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...Death Due to Dowry - A Legal Analysis SOCIOLOGY By : RASHMI NAIK   TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CASES 3 TABLE OF AUTHORITIES 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 7 CHAPTER I: DEFINING DOWRY IN LEGAL TERMS. 9 CHAPTER II: SOCIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF DOWRY AND LEGAL ANALYSIS.. 13 CHAPTER III: IS DOWRY DEATH DECLINING? 19 CONCLUSION 21 BIBLIOGRAPHY 23   TABLE OF CASES 1. Dwarkadas shrinivas v. Sholapur Spinning and Weaving Co. 2. K. Prema S. Rao v. Yadla Srinivasa Rao,. 3. Kunju Moideen v. Sayed mohd. 4. Paniben (Smt), v. State of Gujarat. 5. Smt. Shanti and Another v State of Haryana. 6. The Collector of Bombay v. Nusserwanji Rattanji Mistri and others. 7. V. Jhadav v. Shankarrao Abasaheb pawar and others. 8. Samir Samanta v.The State, 9. Gurditta Singh v. The State Of Rajasthan, 10. Shamnsaheb M Multani v. State of Karnataka 11. Pawan Kumar v. State of Haryana 12. Ashok Kumar v. State of Rajasthan 13. Kundula Bala Subrahmanyam and Another v. State of Andhra Pradesh TABLE OF AUTHORITIES 1. Dowry prohibition Act, 1961. 2. Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 3. Indian Penal Code, 1860.   INTRODUCTION Dowry death is an important topic in a country like India, which has given shame to this country. In the past centuries, women were generally abused exploited and discarded and were denied social, economic and political justice. Dowry is one among the cruel social practices practiced in India. Dowry is an issue in which......

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