Durability of Apple Products

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Durability of Apple Products

In recent years and particularly months, Apple has been scrutinized for its products durability. There has been some suspicion that they purposely set out to ensure their goods become defective over a short period of time. This usually coincides with a newer version being released. In this way, consumers will prefer to purchase the upgrade, rather than fix the old model. (Rampell, 2013)

In the past month, Apple has released its latest iPhone, the iPhone 6. Fans, bloggers and critics took to the Internet to review its features and functionality. Instantly, social media was hit with the apparent news that the iPhone 6 bends in people’s pockets during day-to-day activities. Whether or not this was the case, the notion had taken storm and was spreading virally. It seems that the already growing concerns are becoming more prominent in the consumers mind.

However, Apple released a defending statement on the 26th of September 2014. They disclosed that only 9 customers have complained about their phone being too “flimsy”. They also defended their stance regarding the durability, by boasting their glass was the strongest in the industry and the phone contained inserts that reinforced stress locations.

Furthermore, Apple stated that before launch the iPhone 6 went through a series of testing to ensure it was up to day-to-day use. The regarded the matter of bending as “extremely rare” and should have no problems withstanding normal use. (Reed, 2014)

Reed, B. (2014) BGR. Apple responds to ‘Bendgate,’ says only 9 customers have complained about iPhone 6 Plus. Available at: http://bgr.com/2014/09/25/iphone-6-bendgate-apple-response/

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