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The main purpose of this report it to provide an analysis and evaluation of the role of the Internet on the fashion industry as well as comparing and contrasting the e-marketing mix strategies of two competing e-businesses Nike Inc and Sass & Bide.

Firstly, the report will critically analysis the roles of the Internet on the Fashion Industry.
Secondly, the report will highlight ways in which the Internet has significantly changed the way the Fashion industry operates.
Thirdly, the report will analysis and compare the product mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Fourthly, the report will analysis and compare the price mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Fifthly, the report will analysis and compare the promotion mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Sixthly, the report will analysis and compare the place mix strategies of both Nike and Sass & Bide.
Seventhly, the report will summarise the key findings from the analysis of Nike and Sass & Bide.
Lastly, the report will outline whether superior marketing mix strategies are found in either Nike or Sass & Bide.

* The report is successful in highlighting the varied roles the Internet has within the Fashion industry and how it has significantly changed the way the industry operates. * The report demonstrates differences between the e-marketing mix strategies of Nike and Sass & Bide that allow each business to have success, profitability and growth * The report allows for an interesting critical analysis to be revealed that comprehensively compares and contrasts the online marketing efforts of both businesses.

MKTG306 E-Marketing Individual Written Assignment

The Internet has largely impacted most, if not all, industries globally and has uniquely shaped many aspects of our society and the way we live our…...

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