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E-Payments Proceeds and Improvements

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E-Payments: Proceeds and Improvements

Project Submitted in partial fulfilment of

Submitted by:
Devashree Nadkarni
Batch 2014-2016

Under the guidance of
Mrs. Dipika Malpekar

Institute of Management
Christ University, Bangalore
March 2015


I, Devashree Nadkarni solemnly declare that the project work entitled “E-payments: Proceeds and Improvements”, is my original work, it is neither copied from any earlier submitted work elsewhere or not merely copied, this is specifically prepared as a part of MBA curriculum, to be conducted in Year 2015.

Signature of the student: ________________________
Name of the Student: Devashree Nadkarni


It gives me immense pleasure to present the report of Summer Internship Project which is integral part of MBA program at Institute of Management, Christ University, Bangalore. I consider it an honored privilege to have undergone this Internship in Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.
This Training period has enriched me with valuable experience & the practical knowledge of Industry with special emphasis on knowledge building and people management skills. This training period has provided me with the best opportunity to put my theoretical management knowledge to its practical use. During my training I worked with some highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic people, without mentioning their names I could not conclude this report.
First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards Mrs. Dipika Malpekar – Sr. Manger (Finance, Disbursement) for giving me the opportunity to work in this organization and for the timely guidance, cognitive insights and constant source of inspiration provided to me to make it a success.
I would like to thank Mr. P. R. Hedau – Manager (Finance), who all in spite of their busy schedule has co-operated with me continuously and indeed,…...

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