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In what ways are househusbands outsiders or insiders?

Househusbands can be both outsiders or insiders. Whether they are outsiders or insiders are based on the attitudes received from the government and social sectors. Househusbands do not have garner support from the society as traditionally, men are meant to be the one working to support the family. However, with men switching roles with women whereas the women become the pillar of support for the family it is gradually becoming acknowledged by the society as there is now more and more numbers of successful househusbands.

Househusbands are outsiders due to the law and the traditional thinking of the government and the problem of finance. According to Pereira, 2005. The only obstacle between the father staying at home and taking care of the child is their financial situation. The financial woes are their greatest source of concern rather than them being tied down to the responsibilities of a child. However, there is now a 33% of men willing to work part-time and take care of their children. The weekend Australia (2013: 13-14) reported that there is a slow rise in the number of single fatherhood however many fathers are not willing by the lack of support and being regarded as a disgrace for men to be in this kind of positions. This is caused by the traditional thinking that men are the main family breadwinners whereas the women are the caretakers of the children. Influenced by such thinking, the government only has laws placed in favour of the women and does not support men being the caretaker of the child. According to the weekend Australia (2013: 13-14), in 2006, the Howard government changed the law for the single parents allowing both parents to take care of the child and making sure the child knew both his father and mother. This new law actually made a difference in the amount of fathers taking care of…...

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