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Suzuki’s Teriyaki
Online Business Expansion Proposal

Viability of the Product or Service

Suzuki’s Teriyaki is a Korean and Chinese restaurant in Richland, Washington which is part of the Tri-Cities area in South Central Washington State. It is quite popular locally and is known to have the spiciest food in the Tri-Cities area. Opened in 2003 at the busy Uptown shopping center, Suzuki’s Teriyaki caters to a large lunch crowd mostly from many government contractors working in the area supporting the many Department of Energy projects in the Hanford area. The dinner crowd is always smaller and consists mostly of loyal local customers. Suzuki’s Teriyaki also sells several of their homemade sauces at the restaurant front desk. Currently, the only online presence for Suzuki’s Teriyaki is a facebook page and some reviews on Yelp.com. The reasons for Suzuki’s Teriyaki to increase its online presence are to expand, to control the cost of growth, to create awareness and to drive traffic.
Expansion by creating a custom website will allow Suzuki’s Teriyaki to have another channel by which to sell its products and generate more dinner time restaurant traffic. The goal of increasing profit and revenue can be increased with a website that allows customers to place menu orders, browse menu item specials, buy custom sauces and make reservations for small and large groups. Creating a website can be much less expensive than opening another physical location. The online presence also reaches a national and international base. Many clients come to the Richland area from other parts of the country and from other nations and they research local areas to eat. Suzuki’s Teriyaki does not advertise and relies solely on word of mouth and loyal customers. The website would become a main part of the marketing effort and create awareness for prospective customers. Finally, foot…...

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