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Evaluation of Eclipse Retail Business Plan

Eclipse Retail, Inc. is an Internet retailer of discounted designer fashion, jewelry and home furnishings. While its business plan presents opportunities and competitive advantages that may set the company apart from its competitors in the traditional retail sector, there are several aspects that warrant questions and further investigation. Opportunities and Risks
In retrospect, the late 1990s did see tremendous technological advances and a proliferation of the Internet use. This, combined with the sizable market of off-price apparel, present a great opportunity for Eclipse Retail which would combine the two sectors and capitalize the traditional apparel market with the use of E-commerce. However, the business plan fails to provide sufficient information to substantiate its statement on the growing use of shopping online in the apparel market in the 1990s.
Given the E-commerce websites such as and, there is no doubt that there is an existing Internet-based sales market that supports a group of consumers that are comfortable with making transactions online. However, given the unique nature of the apparel shopping, which often times requires an in-person experience in order to try on the apparel, it is not yet clear how receptive the shoppers will be if this traditional shopping experience is completely taken online.
In addition, there is uncertainly surrounding the estimated size of the online apparel market, as the analogy between catalog and Internet-based apparel sales is worth further scrutiny. Depending on the demographics and the consumer behavior of the catalog shoppers, catalog apparel sales may not be a good representation of the potential growth of the Internet-based sales. Before making any attempt to estimate how much of the catalog sales could potentially be…...

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