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August 25, 2012
Module 2

Multicultural education is viewed by some teacher’s as irrelevant. On page 31, is states “Content integration deals with the extent to which teachers use examples, data, and information from a variety of cultures and groups to illustrate the key concepts, principles, generalizations, and theories in their subject area or discipline.” I feel that the knowledge Construction Process is an important concept. This is a good way for students to understand how knowledge is and how it’s created.
Prejudice Reduction is another key concept that sticks in my mind. It goes to show us how teachers can teach their students to develop a positive attitude about race. Teaching materials are important when it comes to teaching. There are so many things that are needed and that include teaching race, attitudes and behaviors.
Teachers need to make sure that their techniques and teaching methods are appropriate for their students and cultures. To do this the teachers have to be knowledge about cultures. On page 35 it sums up a lot to me: Research indicates that teachers can increase the classroom participation and academic achievement of students from different cultural and language groups by modifying their instruction so that it draws upon their cultural strengths.
The eight characteristics of the Multicultural School is something that I feel will benefit my classroom. I think that each one of these characteristics is something that I can look back on and use. This is something that I tend to look back on while teaching. I feel that it can help guide me and maybe it would be something to show to other teachers who did not attend Grand Canyon University and have to take this…...

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