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Emerging Adulthood
Victoria Peacock
August 11, 2014
Karen Underwood

Emerging Adulthood
The transition into adulthood is one of the most complex and significant shifts of any generation. It is a complex and ongoing process that starts as soon as a child is born and continues as the child becomes an adolescent, to early adult life, and then through the stages of adulthood. When I think of the meaning of becoming an adult I think of setting aside childish ways and becoming a responsible adult. When emerging to adult hood you have to do adult things like being financially responsible, taking care of the household, cooking, cleaning, servicing your car regularly, and putting gas in it. There are so many things you need to do to for a smooth transition into adulthood. Becoming an adult is the most important thing in life.
I think going into adulthood in my culture the expectations were set pretty high. After high school I was expected to get a job and start making my own money. I had a boyfriend so my expectations where not to move out with him until I was married, no kids until I was married. I also had to continue to go to church every Sunday. In my culture graduating from high school is a big part of growing up it is an accomplishment we wait to see and work hard to get to. Graduating from high school is the stepping stone into adult hood. It is the first thing that starts your life because it is a what is next process. One has to ask ones self is college for me? Do I want to get a job and start making money. So many decisions and things you have to prepare for when you graduate. Following the footsteps of my parents being educated and owning their own business or having a job that pays really well, I have to stop and think what is next for me since adulthood is around the corner. I have so many accomplished people around me I need to get a…...

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