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Global Warming is when the earth heats up, the temperature rises. It happens when greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide, water vapour, nitrous oxide and methane trap heat and light from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere, which increases the temperature.
One thing that causes Global Warming is electrical pollution. We use fossil fuels that are burned in creating electricity. Fossil fuels such as oils and petroleum are sent to the air when fossil fuels are burned. We use these sources of energy more than the sources that give off pollution like solar panels and wind turbines.
Petroleum, one of the sources of energy is used for transportation, making electricity and many others. Just by turning on a light, watching television, riding a car, using an airconditioner, using computer causes pollution. If you think of how many times a day you do these things and add in how many other people also doing it , turns out to be a lot of pollutants going into the air a day. The least amount of electricity we use, the better.
We can do many things to help stop Global Warming, like lessening the hours of watching television, using energy – saving fluorescent lamps. We can use bicycle, walk or take the bus from time to time instead of using cars. Open the windows instead of using airconditioners. These things are all very easy to do, and these will make a difference. Using less energy or using it more efficiently. It will help the environment and our planet a…...

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