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My experiences with English
Nowadays English is a very important language, it is recognized as a universal language. It gives you opportunities to travel around the world, to know about other cultures or getting started a scholarship to study abroad. This is some of the advantages of learning English. You use it all the time, when you come out of the borders.
I could summarize my experience I 3 stages: Vacations (childhood), my school time and now the time in the gymnasium, and in the future, there will probably be a lot more, at the university and so on.
When I was a child, I wondered why I couldn’t communicate with people from other countries. Why couldn’t I just speak Danish to them? But my parents told me, that every country speaks their own language, but most countries also could speak English as a second language. I started to find it interesting to say something in English, and I started to order my own food, when we were at restaurants. I learned saying my own name, count to 10 and the foundation of my English was built.
But the first time my teacher introduced me for English, it was not my favorite subject. I was not interested in learning English, because I started finding it very difficult than I thought it was when I was younger. There were so many rules. I was a child with a lot of energy, so I had a lot of trouble being concentrated, so I didn’t focused that much on English.
We have to study English during our school time, and the education strategy at my old school (FPR) was very good. But first in the 8 grade, I started finding English exciting. We changed teacher, and she gave me the courage to dare to say more, and she gave me confident in English.
In the beginning of the 8 grade I was in England, where I tried and survived, how an English school day was. I found out that my English skills weren’t that bad, as I thought they were. I could…...

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