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| The differences between schools. | Public school, private school and home school. | | Bonnie Beavers | 3/15/2012 |

Parents have many types of schools to choose from; but what effect does their choice have on their children?

Parents have many types of schools to choose from; but what effect does their choice have on their children? What are the different types of schools that a parent can choose from? There are many different types of schools available and parents have to choose which is best for their children. Three specific schools available are public school, private school, and home school. Why do they choose a specific type of school and what effect does it have on the children?
The first type of school that parents can choose from is public school. This type of school is funded by the local, state and federal government. This type of school follows a certain curriculum that is given by the local government, as well as the state government. (Vercillo, 2012) These schools are open to any student that lives within the school district for that city. Parents choose this type of school for a lot of reasons. One reason is the convenience factor. It is close to the family’s home and transportation can be provided to and from school or they can walk. The second reason is there is no cost to attend public school. Another reason is it has a lot of diversity. Most people consider public school as the “norm.” “Children will basically fit in with society after going through standard schooling.” (Vercillo, 2012)
There are many negative effects that public school education has on the child. One negative effect is that there is a lower quality of education. Some parents feel that if a child is smart they get left out because the school curriculum is geared toward teaching the children that are not that smart. (Vercillo, 2012) A second negative…...

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