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Entrepreneurship Marketing Paper
Marketing plays an essential role in managing and growing a firm. Marketing have multiple meanings depending upon who is asked. The broader definition is that “it is the activity set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large” (“Broader”, 2012). Marketing involves a process that every company follows. For a business to reach its full potential the people within the corporation must have great marketing techniques. One company in the health care industry that has a great marketing strategy is Band Aid. They use many techniques that have given them an advantage over their competitor. The techniques they use are very important to the success of their business. One slight mistake in the marketing process and the entire business can be ruined.
Two things that are essential in the marketing process are target market and branding. These two things allow a business to reach a connection with the consumers. Without a connection with the targeted market it is hard to build a market strategy that can appeal to the customers. Marketing has become a key focus point for many businesses. A good market plan can take a business a long way because it outlines how the company will catch the attention of the audience they are trying to appeal to. To have a great marketing technique the company must have a target market. A target market or target audience is a group of people that will basically need or want your products and services. Target market is defined in terms of age, sexual orientation, gender, economic class, religion, ethnicity, or location (Pencak, 2012). This is crucial information that an organization must have to be a successful company. Band Aid is one of many companies who have a broad target market. Their…...

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...What is your personal theory of entrepreneurship? My theory of entrepreneurship is the gift/objective of being able to see opportunity when others cannot so as to establish new ventures or the creation of new value in existing ones. According to Schumpeter’s (1934) view of entrepreneurship wealth is created when innovation results in new demand. In finding innovative ways of using inputs he theorises that the value of the product or service will exceed the cost of input factors thus generating superior returns that result in the creation of wealth. In line with this he says that destruction of old ways of doing things through innovation is key to entrepreneurial activities and GDP growth. This is supported by Kirzner’s (1973) theory of entrepreneurship of “alertness to hitherto undiscovered opportunities” and the action in the market economy of arbitrage and the value this can create. Who becomes and entrepreneur and why? According to Gartner (1985), “the entrepreneur is not a fixed state of existence; rather entrepreneurship is a role that individuals undertake to create organisations”. In this way one can understand how complex the matter of answering the question of who becomes and entrepreneur and why. Gartner believes that using a behavioural approach scholars are able to separate the act of entrepreneurship from the individual entrepreneur and so methodologies and techniques can be developed to discover correlations between the two factors. When looking at the......

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...'Entrepreneurship' Meaning An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. An entrepreneur is an agent of change. Concept Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of using private initiative to transform a business concept into a new venture or to grow and diversify an existing venture or enterprise with high growth potential. Entrepreneurs identify an innovation to seize an opportunity, mobilize money and management skills, and take calculated risks to open markets for new products, processes and services. Characteristics of Entrepreneurship • Interest and Vision The first factor for entrepreneurial success is interest. Since entrepreneurship pays off according to performance rather than time spent on a particular effort, an entrepreneur must work in an area that interests her. Otherwise, she will not be able to maintain a high level of work ethic, and she will most likely fail. This interest must also translate into a vision for the company's growth. Even if the day-to-day activities of a business are interesting to an entrepreneur, this is not enough for success unless she can turn this interest into a vision of growth and expansion. This vision must be strong enough that she can communicate it to investors and employees. • Skill All of the interest and vision cannot make up for a total lack of applicable skill. As the head of a company, whether he has employees or not, an entrepreneur must be able to......

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Entrepreneurship Marketing Paper

...& R. Duane Ireland, 2010). The most appropriate form of ownership for an aggressive entrepreneurial firm would be a limited liability company. A new entrepreneurial firm would likely be more aggressive and take more chances and risk that a mature business would not take. A new owner would not likely want to take the risk of losing revenue on a venture that might not succeed or fail. By starting a new business as a limited liability company, a partner or partners, would lower their personal losses (Mark E. Battersby, 2008). References: Battersby, Mark E., Unlimited Possibilities with Limited Liability, (Jan 7, 2008). Retrieved from Phoenix University library, 2014 ProQuest LLC. Bruce R. Barringer, R. Duane Ireland (2010). Entrepreneurship. Successfully Launching New Ventures, Third Edition. Chapter 7: Preparing the Proper Foundation....

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...Introduction to Entrepreneurship Session 1 Olivier Witmeur September 2011 2 Desired outcomes of the session • • • • Introduce the course Tour de table What is entrepreneurship, what are the key constructs Who is the entrepreneur • AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. Course design and organisation 3. About entrepreneurs 4. What entrepreneurship is GEST-S547 - 2011-2012 © Olivier Witmeur 3 1. INTRODUCTION 4 What have these companies in common? • • • • • • • Delhaize , Colruyt, Leclerc, Sears & Roebuck Solvay, Pfizer, Yves Rocher Citroen, Renault, Ferrari McKinsey, Deloitte & Touche, JP Morgan McDonald, Neuhaus Dell, Hewlett-Packard Siemens, Dyson GEST-S547 - 2011-2012 © Olivier Witmeur 5 Examples of successfull entrepreneurs GEST-S547 - 2011-2012 © Olivier Witmeur 6 Entrepreneurship is … (3 minutes) GEST-S547 - 2011-2012 © Olivier Witmeur 7 La laiterie du Berger – Danone Latitudes GEST-S547 - 2011-2012 © Olivier Witmeur 8 2. COURSE DESIGN 9 Desired outcomes of the course • Understand why entrepreneurship matters • Introduce key-concepts and best practices in various settings • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset • At the end of the course each student must be able to: – Assess entrepreneurial opportunities in various contexts – Identify and master the main challenges associated with their exploitation – Understand when and where entrepreneurial management style is relevant ...

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