Ethical Dilimma Facebook Status Drama

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Ethical Dilemma
Facebook Status Drama…. Where Do Loyalties Lie?

Sometimes in life the right choice may not always seem like the right choice. One may think they know what the right thing is but sometimes the line between what’s right and what’s wrong is a thin blurred line. Maybe it’s not even a line at all. Maybe it’s just a grey shadowy area that over laps the law of morals and what one thinks is moral. Whatever the case may be the morals and values that one sees in another human being or even in themselves can and will always be examined by today’s society with a microscope. This day and age it’s hard to decide what to do when face with an ethical dilemma. What if there really is no right answer? This is the exact situation that I have been faced with recently. The situation involved choosing between my job and my best friend.
Recently a situation occurred where my best friend was being threatened by a girl at work. The harassment was happening at work with the girl mocking her behind her back and gossiping about her to other coworkers. The bullying eventually got back to us via people who grew tired of the bully’s childish ways. The threats were real and unnecessary since my friend happens to be a disabled girl with Cerebral Palsy. She is able to work full time and can think just like everyone else but she has trouble using her left side and her speech is slurred a bit. The main concern for me was her physical appearance; she is only about 90 pounds. I see her as my little sister so I keep an eye on her and even buy her food when she can’t afford it. Obviously I am very protective of her. I see her as being a person I have certain amount of loyalty for. Because of that fact I became very defensive when I saw all of the posts that the bully at work was posting about her. I took the liberty upon myself to speak and post on Facebook in her defense. I let it…...

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