Ethical Hacking and Network Defense Unit 2 Assignment

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Ethical Hacking and Network Defense Unit 1 Assignment
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Goals and Objectives




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Production e-commerce Web application server and Cisco network described in Figure 1.1. Located on ASA_Instructor, the e-commerce Web application server is acting as an external point-of-entry into the network:

• Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS Server (TargetUbuntu01)

• Apache Web Server running the e-commerce Web application server

• Credit card transaction processing occurs

• The test will include penetrating past specific security checkpoints.

• The test can compromise with written client authorization only.

Goals and Objectives

John Smith, CEO of E-commerce Sales, has requested that we perform a penetration test on the company’s production e-commerce Web application server and its Cisco network. It is our intention to run various penetration tests at irregular times in order to accurately test security measures that have been put in place. E-commerce Sales will not be aware of any of the penetration measures nor will they be aware of the times that this will be done.

Information about the network will be gathered and analyzed for any open network interfaces. Success of the test is determined by determining any potential weaknesses in the network and being able to identify solutions to protect those weaknesses. Failure is determined by the inability to pinpoint any weaknesses in the system or to find weaknesses and not be able to suggest solutions.


During the course of the penetration testing there are several different tasks that we will have to perform. These tasks are listed…...

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