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Building an Ethical Organization Part one Phoebe Edwards HSM/230 Carrie Cooper 5/5/13

Description of the organization: This is a Behavioral Health Center, what services does the organization provide? The Behavioral Health Center services are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Anger and stress Management, Expressive and Cognitive Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Brief long- Term Treatment and Couple/Marital Therapy, Evidence Based Treatment, this is just a few. The clientele are people that need the help at Behavioral Health Center and it is a private group outpatient mental health practice. Evaluation and treatment services are provided to individuals, families, courts, businesses, schools, and individuals that are involved in a civil/ criminal proceedings elderly and disabled people living in long care facilities. The evidence based treatments are a treatment methods that have to do with research that will help the clients to improve functioning control symptoms and their develop recovery. And this is a for profit organization. Mission statement: what is the organization‘s mission statement? It is that the Behavioral Health Center’s mission is to provide the highest quality mental health care to the widest range of issues and ages. This will benefit the community by providing needed and timely access to services and treatments. We strive to utilize treatments with the best evidence of effectiveness. We will treat all clients with dignity and respect and hold their confidentiality to the highest standards. Our therapists will be current and comprehensive with treatment, community awareness and clinical education. As me being the director I have created a mission statement that will strategically guide my organization through the daily operations and decisions. The mission statement written expresses just that guidance. The Behavioral Health Center…...

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...Building an Ethical Organization Final Paper HSM 230 October 7, 2011 Building an Ethical Organization The community has opened a human service organization that will focus on the treatment of behavioral and mental health disorders. The organization will provide services to individuals of all ages in the community who have been diagnosed with a behavioral or mental disorder. The organization will help treat some common conditions such as anxiety, mood disorders, dementia, personality disorders, bipolar, trauma issues, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), and many other psychiatric disorders. This organization is a for profit organization that will have counselors, psychiatrist, nursing staff, and a social services department who are trained to help individuals with behavioral and mental health disorders. The organization will also work with other human service organization to help clients and families meet their basic needs. The organization will accept private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. This organization will work federal, state, and local governments to receive financial assistance as well as other stakeholders to help the organization to provide care to the community. Mission Statement As the director of this organization it is my mission as well as the organizations mission to help its clients and his or her families to achieve the highest level of functioning and improve the quality life of each client and his or her family. The organization......

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