Ethics of Gun Manufacturers

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Ethics of Gun Manufactures

Guns have long been a staple of the American dream. The U.S. far surpasses the rest of the world in guns owned per capita, not to mention the amount of revenue generated from arms manufacturing, which helped cultivate one of the largest economies in the world.(Rabkin, 143) Recent shootings such as Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut have sparked large debate between politicians and citizens over gun rights. Although there are many tangents to discuss about gun rights the questions remains, are gun manufactures morally responsible for the harm caused by their products, or does the responsibility lie in those who purchase them? As long as the product is not defective, I will argue the accountability falls not on the manufacture, but instead to the gun purchaser, for two reasons, liability and education.
Is it ethical for the manufacture of a product to be liable if their product is in fact not defective (functions as it should), but is used criminally by another. Gun manufacturers feel that they do act responsibly. The manufacturers sell only to distributors and dealers who have FFL (Federal Firearms License) issued by the U.S. government for the purpose of firearm commerce. The dealers maintain they cannot be held responsible for legal sale to an individual who in turn disposes of the firearm to a disqualified person, or if legal sale results in a crime down the road due to a theft from the rightful owner.
Currently because of Senate bill #S. 397 (Protection of lawful Commerce in Arms Act) which passed in 2005, manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition are immune from civil liability for damages resulting from misuse by others. It effectively closes the courthouse doors to an entire class of defendants, victims of gun violence. Not…...

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