Ethnicity and the Police Corruption Part I

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Ethnicity and the Police Corruption Part I
Patricia Munive
CJA 344
June 11, 2014
Constant Wilson

Ethnicity and the Police Corruption
Officials and witnesses state, the sergeant grabbed a 14 year old teenager by the name of Javier and pushed him hard against the window of the hookah store, shattering the glass and causing bad cuts to Javier’s head and body but let’s take into account what happened that led up to the accident. No officers should be permitted to use excessive force without reprimand especially when causing such bodily harm to someone who is already handcuffed (Schwirtz & Pastor, 2014). Some officers feel they have the right to use excessive force and think because of their positon in law-enforcement they can get away with that kind of abuse. Abusing their authority and getting away injuring handcuffed people is corruption.
Last month in May, there were two teenagers hand cuffed in front of a Hookah store in the Bronx. Two teenagers were arrested for assaulting a 49 year-old-man for refusing to give them a cigarettes. Authorities stated that Javier and his friend were walking in the vicinity of the west Bronx when they saw the 49-year-old. The teenagers ask the man for a cigarette and when the man refused they assaulted him. When the man turned his back one of the kids punched him in the head and the other hit him in the back with a backpack. The man suffered minor injuries. The authorities stated the man flagged them down to look for the boys. The officers found the boys inside a Hookah store and arrested them base on the victims identification. (Schwirtz & Pastor, 2014).
Authorities stated that the sergeant arrived after the boys were handcuffed and both stood in front of the store. A witness across the street by the name of Leonard Goodwin stated that he saw the sergeant conversing with Javier and saw the sergeant turn around and…...

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