Evaluate David Harvey’s Suggestion That We Should Adopt the Right to the City as Both a Working Slogan and Political Idea.

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Question 1: Critically evaluate David Harvey’s suggestion that we should adopt the right to the city as both a working slogan and political idea.
The essay seeks to establish and explain David Harvey’s concept of using the right to the city as a working slogan and political idea. Harvey is known for (2008; 23) introducing the concept of the right to the city as a working slogan (Harvey, 2008:23). Harvey explains how social inequality and discontent can be dealt with by the adoption of the right to city as a working slogan and political idea. The author states that the “one step towards unifying these struggles is to adopt the right to the city as both working slogan and political idea (Harvey, 2008:23)”.The following discussion seeks to expand on this hypothesis and critically evaluate the above mentioned theory. When evaluating the above discussed claims one must examine the two respective sides. One must firstly examine why it is tangible, practical and beneficial to the status quo of the international system to use the right to city as a working slogan and political idea. The second stage of the essay will address why the idea of turning the right to the city into a working slogan and political idea is criticised and seen as flawed. In conclusion the essay seeks to offer alternatives to the current issues.

Harvey’s (2008:23) main argument explains how the right to the city has been taken out of the hands of the people and has now become one of the most ignored rights in contemporary civil society. The author issues a call to democratize the power allocation which…...

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