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Exhibition Review

The exhibition that I went to see was Kurt at the Seattle Art Museum. I’m really glad that Hadley and Maxwell came to give us their artist talk before I went to see the exhibit because there were several components of the exhibit (including their own) that I could completely relate to their works.

The first exhibit that really caught my attention (partially because it’s the first thing you see in the Kurt exhibit) was Hadley and Maxwell’s sound booth. It was an interesting set up to give the feeling of being in Kurt Cobain shoes. I was slightly confused by the studio-feeling of the booth combined with the sound of a cheering crowd playing, but nonetheless still a cool feeling piece that gave the impression of what Cobain experienced when he went onstage.

As I moved through the exhibit I came across a smashed-apart drum set covered in stalagmites. The piece was titled “Deathstar Memorial” by Banks Violette. This piece was the perfect epitome of what Nirvana was all about and the dark feelings that they conveyed to their fans and the feelings that were present (even still today) about the tragic death of Cobain himself. The piece was cool because it gave the impression that it had been broken apart for a while and the stalagmites had grown onto the drum set, as if when Cobain died Nirvana was smashed apart and then the set was left to let nature takes its course.

Then, moving forward I came to Sam Durant’s “Upside Down and Backwards Completely Unburna” which was a series of speakers surrounding a platform each playing a different Nirvana song simultaneously. This completely reminded me of Hadley and Maxwell’s installation based on “Sympathy for the Devil” that had the Rolling Stones playing simultaneously with a garage band. When I heard the idea during their artist talk I was very skeptical of how that would work out sound wise…...

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