Facebook- the Beginning of a New Era

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Facebook - The Beginning of a New Era

Facebook - The Beginning of a New Era
Facebook represents the beginning of a new era. Developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook has risen through the years to become the world’s most popular social networking site, ahead of Twitter. The site has created a global communication platform, connecting people from every corner of the world.
Facebook has woven the world into a global village. The social site has bridged the distance between people worldwide, allowing them to keep up with global issues like news, trends, relations and relationships.
The global village created by Facebook serves as a global meeting place. With its popularity and large database of users, the free application has made life easier for its users. People can take advantage of the meetings to make their announcements such as emergencies or celebrations with assurance that they will reach a lot of people within a short time. This is a reliable marketing platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, celebrities and politicians. Facebook also offers mini-blogging features, saving the cost of dedicating a whole website to share ideas and products. The users create or join groups and pages where they meet people who share similar interests.
Despite its success in connecting people globally, Facebook, like any other site, has been facing user privacy and security concerns. However, with regard to privacy, this should not be a big challenge. Facebook, like any other social site, is user driven, meaning that the user is able to control information flow in his/her profile by using the privacy and security features. The user, therefore, is the one who decides what to upload to the internet and what to keep private. Users are always requested not to share important private information not only in Facebook, but in other…...

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