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THE FACTORIES ACT, 1948 ACT NO. 63 OF 1948 1* [23rd September, 1948.] An Act factories. to consolidate and amend to the law regulating labour and amend the in law

WHEREAS it is expedient regulating labour in factories;


It is hereby enacted as follows:-

CHAPTER I PRELIMINARY 1. Short title, extent and commencement. 1. Short title, extent and commencement. called the Factories Act, 1948. (1) This Act may be

2*[(2) It extends to the whole of India 3***.] (3) It shall come into force on the 1st day of April, 1949. 2. Interpretation. 2. Interpretation. In this Act, repugnant in the subject or context,(a) (b) "adult" means year of age; unless there is anything

a person who has completed his fifteenth a person age but who has has not completed completed his his

"adolescent" means fifteen year of eighteenth year;

4*[(bb) "calendar year" means the period of twelve months beginning with the first day of January in any year;] (c) "child" means a person fifteenth year of age; who has not completed his

5*[(ca)] "competent person", in relation to any provision of this Act, means a person or an institution recognised as such by the Chief Inspector for the purposes of carrying out tests, examinations and inspections required to be done in a factory under the provisions of this Act having regard to(i) the qualifications and experience of the person and facilities available at his disposal; or (ii) the qualifications and experience of the persons employed in such institution and facilities available therein, With regard to the conduct of such tests, examinations and

2 inspections, and more than one person or institution can be recognised as a competent person in relation to a factory; (cb) "hazardous process" means any process or activity in relation to an industry specified in the First Schedule where, unless special care is taken, raw…...

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