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Quantitative research is "the process of testing relationships, differences and cause and effect interations among and between variables" (Wood & Haber 2010). Quasi-experimental design and Experimental design are two differnt methods that researchers use. The difference between the two methods is that in quasi-experimental design, subjects cannot be randanly assigned where with experimental design, subjects can be randonly assigned to groups.

The true experimental design is considered the "golg standard" in research design (LoBiiondo-Wood & Haber, 2010). One of the strengths that the experimental design has is that there is a better chance with experimental design of determining if the intervention caused a change. A second strengh of experimental design is that the subjects can be randomly assigned into groups and thus studies using randomization are considered true experimental designs. A third strength of the experimental design is that randomization or control grpups and a more diverse selection of subjects.

Weaknesses of Experimental Design include the artificial setting of the experiment limited ability to generalize findings and limited ability to manipulate variables. The artificial setting of the Experimetal Design is not neutral, making it difficult to appply real-world settings. Strengths that the Quasi-Experimental Design has include the large sample size, monimal threat to external validities, and more generalized. Weaknesses of Quasi- Experimental Design are loss of control, limited in conclusive results of cause and effects, and internal validities.

The study done by Oswalt, Biasini, Willson and Mrug (2009) would be considered as an experimental design. The participants were randomized. The subjects were selected from a random table number and then randomly assigned to a control group (Oswalt, Mrug, & Biasini, 2009, p. 285). The…...

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