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ENS-314 Global Environmental Change
Living in the Environment: Concepts, Connections, and Solutions, 16th ed., by G. Tyler Miller, Jr., and Scott E. Spoolman (Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole CENGAGE Learning, 2009).

FINAL PROJECT Climate Change

Prepared by Student at Thomas Edison State College

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Prepared for Global Environmental Change (ENS-314) Thomas Edison State College

Technical summary of climate change
Overwhelming scientific study demonstrate the earth’s atmosphere is warming rapidly, mostly because of human activities, and that this will lead to significant climate change during this century (Miller, Spoolman 2010).
Climate change throughout history has affected evolution and natural selection, moving continents and dispersing populations throughout the world with these movements. Until the industrialization of the human population a hundred and sixty years ago our atmosphere maintained a unique combination of chemicals. Absorbing the natural emissions from volcanic action and the life cycle, balancing the chemical composition providing a life sustaining biome. The atmosphere provides both life and protection to the ecosystems on the planet from the sun’s UV rays and a variety of debris from space.
The atmosphere acts as a blanket working in a layering system to…...

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