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The project I chose for this session is adding a new department to an already established company that sells and services power washing machines, equipment and repair service to car washes, automobile dealerships and construction companies. The addition to the company will involve in selling the chemicals for the power washing machines and equipment and the top of the line detailing cleaners in bulk. The reason for this addition is that the existing customers that the company has have inquired about products that match with the machines and equipment they buy from the company. In supplying the products used by the existing customers the primary consumer base is already familiar with the company and is also an excellent marketing tool for selling the company’s whole line of products to customers not yet sold to. Project Management in technical or professional terms is “the application of what is known, the talents you have, equipment and methods used to obtain the project’s objective” (Project, 2013). To me this means that it is managing a business project from the beginning when it is just an idea to planning the projects needs of materials, man power, equipment, vendors, budgets and timelines. Through this paper and the following chart I will explain what the company needs to accomplish a successful project.
A “project management process is needed to ensure an effective flow from the start of a project to the closing of that project” (PMI, 20130. This process entails “Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and Closing” (M.U.S.E., 2013). Initiating – (assessments, proposals & recommendations – project charter developing – charter presenting– sponsor reviewing – approval). The project management process’s first step is to declare the tangible project determined, and agreed upon, that you want to implement, which for this scenario is the selling…...

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