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1. what are the ethical responsibilities of scientists? Are they responsible for everything they create?
Scientists have the responsibility to stay with their discoveries and inventions until the very end. By this, I mean that if a scienctist has an idea for and invention that he or she wishes to create, they have the responsibility of making sure their invention is actually used for that purpose, or for any good purpose. With great power comes great responsibility. Scientist's knowledge gives them great power, and they must use it responsibly. If they are working on a project that could potentially be very harmful in the wrong hands, then the scienctist has the responsibility to either make sure the prodect won't end up in the wrong hands, or to not make the product at all. Enabling great evil is just as bad as directly commiting great evil.

2. Is a factory owner who makes tires that are used on military vehicles just as ethically responsible as scientists who make a weapon?
It depends on the situation. If the factory owner produces tires that are only used for military vehicles and nothing else, and if the war is an unjust war, then the factory owner is as ethically responsible as the scientist. If a war that is unjust is being faught and the factory owner doesn't refuse to sell the tires to the military, then he is ethically responsible. However, if these tires are used for good as well, he is not as responsible as the scientist who makes a weapon. Weapons can only be used for destruction, so the scientist knows for a fact that they are enabling the destruction of thousands of lives.

3. did Haber make the correct decision in helping Germany to create chemical weapons?
No, he did not. He could have continued to do great work that saved lives such as making great new fertilizers; instead, he decided to change in his life saving work…...

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