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Flawed or Not?: That is the Question
Shanelle L. Todd and Kayla L. Thompson
Brenau University

Flawed or Not?: That is the Question What if I told you that the US Naval and Marine corporations funded a what they called, “prison experiment” in 1971, with a goal of finding that the prison environment produces aggressive attitudes? Zimbardo conducted this experiment in the basement of the Psychology department at Stanford University. He took regular everyday college students like you and I made some prisoners and some guards, locked them up in a very small area, and evaluated their behaviors. The question is, how were the guards and the prisoners distinguished between? Now this is where the word evil comes in. In order to make the environment a real “evil” environment the guards wore hats and badges while the prisoners wore nothing but frowsy dresses. This was Zimbardo’s bright idea of an evil environment. So, does perception come into play? Does what each person perceives as evil environments make for a trustworthy study, setting out to support such a claim? Ultimately, did Zimbardo adequately reconstruct a fair representation of a true prison setting or did Zimbardo exaggerate that too? Well, according to two documentary professionals, this study did support that evil environments produces evil behaviors stated not only by Ratnesar’s, but also by Sheere. The funding corporations were kept a secret from the general public for more than 20 years. Just recently on July 4, 2011 a man named Michael Barker put the secret out. He wrote about it in a three part article written on the subject that the Stanford Prison Experiment was flawed in many ways. Why would the US Naval and Marine corporations fund a flawed experiment? So, did the Stanford Prison Experiment Prove that placing people into a prison environment produce aggressive behaviors? Well Brian…...

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