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Adrian Aleman
English III
Period 5

Professional Reflection on Learning Experiences from the Past School Year

Personally I’ve learned a lot in my classes this year. To start off, I want to begin with
U. S. History. In U. S. History I learned about a horrible event that should be discussed because you never know if it can happen again. This event is called the Holocaust. The Holocaust was caused by Adolf Hitler and his SS guards that he assigned to work for him. Basically Adolf Hitler caused the deaths of about six million Jews. Most people gave credit to the Jews as the only ones who died but, in fact Hitler also killed Gypsies, Gays, POF, and many others. What Hitler did was transport Jews on a train to so called Concentration Camps which would in turn pay the Jews for their work. This did not happen, the Germans set up Concentration Camps and Death Camps. In some camps the Jews were sent directly to the death camps, were put in Gas Chambers and died instantly. Others were fortunate to be able to work in the Concentration Camps and survive the horror of the camp. Those found to survive after the Holocaust were malnourished or had some form of medical problem. In total eleven million people were killed during the Holocaust. Next, is Marine Biology which is about ocean animals. I learned about a topic that really surprised me. In Japan the fisherman slaughter, sell, or catch Dolphins everyday. But how do they do it? The Japanese have ships which have sound barriers. The sound barriers are used to make a very frustrating sound for the Dolphins. The Dolphins in turn are hurt by the noise of the sound barrier. The Dolphins start to stress because they dislike the noise. The ships draw the Dolphins off the coast, changing their direction close to shore. The Dolphins swim into a trap which is made up of nets that gets the Dolphins entangled. The Dolphins…...

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...addition to the Power TV family that can now bring you and your loved ones to a whole new level of home entertainment. You can now enjoy your favourite video collection in the most stylish and hassle-free manner – Simply plug and playback directly from your USB flash drive. What’s more, the new PB10 and PS10 can even work with 4 Audio Formats (MP3, MP4, WAV and WMA) and JPEG playback to allow hassle-free playback of songs and music directly from a flash drive, or viewing photos and re-collecting fond memories of your recent outings with you and your loved ones. * Subject to hardware and software specifications. ** Combination of 27 video formats in the following media formats (AVI, PS, TS/TP, VOB, MOV, MP4, ASF/WMV, DivX, Xvid, MKV, RMVB, FLV, 3GPP, M-JPEG) in various video codec. Please refer to Owner’s Manual for more details. PB10 PB1 Power Booster PS10 PS1 P ower Saver PC1 Power Charger Make Your Choice to Upgrade Your Life Power TV, the new family member of Toshiba REGZA LCD TV, is power-packed with practical features in an elegantly crafted slim exterior. The Power TV comes in 3 series – Power Booster, Power Saver, and Power Charger. These entire 3 series share Toshiba’s proprietary Power Meta Brain video engine featuring 10-bit video processing, as well as a host of excellent TV features. Nonetheless, each series possesses strong individual characteristics. Power Booster series (PB10/PB1) features power boosting functions both in video and......

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...Activity Instructions Analyze the data presented in the graph and table below. Then write a summary addressing the following: 1. The histogram below shows the total estimated new breast cancer cases diagnosed in 2003. © 2011 FLVS 2. The results in this table below are from a 2007 study investigating BRCA mutations in women diagnosed with breast cancer. All of the women in the study had a family history of breast cancer. BRCA Mutations in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer | BRCA1 mutation | BRCA2 mutation | No BRCA mutation | Total | Number of patients | 89 | 35 | 318 | 442 | Average age at diagnosis | 43.9 | 46.2 | 50.4 | | Preventative mastectomy* | 6 | 3 | 14 | 23 | Preventative oophorectomy* | 38 | 7 | 22 | 67 | Number of deaths | 16 | 1 | 21 | 38 | Percent died | 18 | 2.8 | 6.9 | 8.6 | *A mastectomy is the surgical removal of one or both breasts, either partially of fully. An oophorectomy is the surgical removal of an ovary or ovaries. Things to address in your summary essay: * Describe how mutations lead to genetic variations. * Which appears to be more dangerous: the BRC1 or BRC2 mutation? * Analyze a woman’s risk of dying of cancer if she carries a mutated BRC1 gene. * How do heredity and inheritance relate to the data presented in these charts? * What data would you need to see in order to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of preventive surgeries? * What does the age at diagnosis tell you about the mutation...

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