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Doctors Associates, Inc. (Subway)

(3) Describe the company’s customers (households, businesses, schools, governments, etc.) To what extent does the company depend of international customers?
--The company’s primary customers are households. Breaking this category down further, the company has chosen to target the traditional fast food enthusiast. Also, Subway has targeted non-traditional customers at locations such as convenience stores and truck stops. In 2010, Subways revenues from global sales were 15.2 billion. Subway has around 37,000 stores in 100 countries, 23,334 being U.S. stores and 13,664 being international stores. This means that international stores account for around 36% of Subways sales, and as such international customers do play a role in revenue generation for Subway.
(4) Discuss the major determinants of demand for the firm’s primary product. Explain your choice of variables. If necessary, describe how determinants differ across customer segments
-- The demand of types of sandwiches depends on the weather and income level of the local community. In winter hot sandwiches including meatballs and chickens along with soups are in most demand while in summer sandwiches like orchard chicken (content: chicken, cranberry, apples, raisins-most of the cold contents) tuna fish and other cold sandwiches are sold more than any others. Also the subways in rich community’s sale diet conscious sandwiches like turkey, Italians, chicken while a highway or area containing labor communities experience higher sales of protein based subs like steaks and chicken breast. Also, the sandwiches on sales or the cheapest subs are sold more in these stores.
(5) Perform a complete Industry Analysis based on Porters Five Forces Framework. Based on this analysis, how would you describe the market structure of the industry in which the companies operate?
--Buyer Power:…...

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