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1. Introduction
Currently, 3D applications appear to be one of the most modern and fast growing software fields from industrial point of view. The most popular subcategory among 3D applications is considered to be computer games. In 2007, the video game industry revenue was approximately $60 billion; that almost equals the size of the US
Department of Defense expenditures on research [17]. Furthermore, the game industry is so innovative that in many cases, the hardware and software technological advancement, are applied to games before being adopted by other scientific domains
[12,14]. Additionally, among the young game playing hours surpass television watching and listening to music. Finally, concerning open-source communities, games appear to be thriving [15].
Creating computer games is a very complicated task that requires the involvement of extremely skilled professionals from a wide spectrum of computer science [4]. Typically, computer games demand real time high quality performance. The main performance aspects are related to display frame rate, real time audio playback and processor response. Programming a game in low level is so complex that hundreds of thousands of code lines are required in order to implement a commercially viable game. The size of such programs, in combination with the evolving nature of the software, demands flexible design, maintainable implementation and straightforward documentation, in order to improve understanding among the development group and facilitate future developments.
Consequently, game developers must employ specific software engineering techniques in order to achieve high quality levels.
In McShaffry et al. [13] the authors present a practitioner’s approach to the aspects that differentiate game software engineering from classical software engineering. More specifically, games are

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