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Celebrate Your Nerdy Side I’m a builder. No, I’m not involved with construction and no, I’m not a body-builder. I build computers. It all began my freshman year when our old Dell desktop computer finally stopped working. I had just taken computer Engineering at Laney High School, and was unable to resist the temptation. I grabbed a screwdriver and began taking the computer apart! After a couple of hours, and with the aid of a few YouTube tutorials, I was looking at the hard drive, motherboard, power supply, RAM, processor, disc drive, and cooling fan of my computer all sitting on the floor, while I was studying the connections, and figuring out how they all work. I was amazed by the complexity of the system. There were wires everywhere, and half of them weren't even connected to anything. The computer nerd inside of me would not be satisfied with this. After days of trying to fix it, I finally convinced my step dad that instead of just buying a pre-built desktop from Best Buy, I should put it together. I researched all the parts, finding what would give me the best value for the computer. I ordered them and as they arrived one by one, I slowly began the process of putting my computer together. To my surprise, it booted up perfectly on the first try, and has had only a few issues in the three years that I’ve been using it. Since then, I have built a computer of my own which is used for many different purposes. Not many people know how interested I am with computers and my thirst for knowledge about them. Whenever I get the chance I love helping someone with their computer problems. When I have a problem of my own, I simply smile knowing the fun that…...

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