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Executive Summary (JS) 5 Introduction 6 Background / History of the Company(CD) 6 Mission Statement(CD) 7 Business(CD) 7 Major Goals(CD) 7 Corporate Philosophy(CD) 7 Strategic Evolution (KH) 8 Intended Strategies (KH) 8 Emergent Strategies (KH) 8 Stakeholders (AB) 9 Internal (AB) 9 External (AB) 9 General Growth Properties Organizational Structure (KM) 9 Purpose of the Report (CD) 10
External Analysis (KM) 11 Basic Industry Information (AB/KM) 11 Industry Growth (KM) 12 Industry Profits 12 Industry Segments (AB/KM) 13 External/ General (Macro) Environment (AB/CD) 13 General Economic Conditions and Global (CD) 13 Population Demographics(CD) 14 Societal Values and Lifestyles (Sociocultural) (CD) 14 Political, Regulatory and Legal (AB) 15 Technological (AB/CD) 15 Summary of Analysis and Impact (AB/CD) 16 Industry Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces (CD) 16 Threat of New Entrants (CD) 16 Current Rivalry Among Existing Firms (CD) 17 Supplier Power (CD) 17 Bargaining Power of Buyers (CD) 18 Threat of Substitute Services (CD) 18 Industry Attractiveness/Profitability (CD) 18 porters five forces model (JS) 19 Strategic Groups (KH) 19
Internal Analysis (AB) 20 Value Chain Analysis (AB 20 Primary Activities (AB) 20 Inbound Logistics (AB) 20 Strength: 20 Weakness: 20 Operations (AB) 20 Strength: 20 Weakness: 21 Outbound Logistics (AB) 21 Strength: 21 Weakness: 21 Marketing & Sales (AB) 21 Strength: 21 Weakness: 21 Customer Service (AB) 21 Strength: 21 Weakness: 21 Support Activities (KH) 21 Procurement (KH) 22 Strength: 22 Weakness: 22 Technological Development (KH) 22 Strength: 22 Weakness: 22 Human Resource Management (KH) 22 Strength: 23 Weakness: 23 Firm Infrastructure (General Administration) (KH) 23 Strength: 23 Weakness: 24…...

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General Growth Properties

...General Growth Properties Christina Dukes (CD) Pamela Davis (PD) Claudia Botello (CB) Edgar Garcia (EG) June 28, 2011 Table of ContentS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (CD) 1 INTRODUCTION (CB) 2 Background / History (of the Company) (CB) 2 Mission Statement (CB) 3 Mission (CB) 3 Business (CB) 3 Major Goals (CB) 4 Corporate Philosophy (PD) 4 Strategic Evolution (PD) 4 Intended Strategies (PD) 5 Emergent Strategies (PD) 6 Stakeholders (EG) 6 Internal (EG) 7 External (EG) 7 Purpose of the Report (CD) 8 Chart for Team Activities (CD) 10 EXTERNAL ANALYSIS (EG) 11 Industry Profits (EG): 12 Industry Segments (EG): 13 Industry Analysis/Porter’s Five Forces (EG) 13 Risk of Entry by Potential Competitors (EG) 14 Entry Barriers (EG): 14 Economies of scale (EG) 15 Product Differentiation (EG): 15 Capital Requirements (EG): 16 Switching Costs (EG): 16 Cost Disadvantages Independent of Scale (CD) 17 Government Policy (CD) 17 Expected Retaliation (CD) 18 Power of Buyers (CD) 18 Power of Suppliers (CD) 18 Threat of Substitutes (CD) 19 Intensity of Rivalry among Established Firms (CD) 19 Industry Attractiveness/Profitability (CD) 19 Summary (Results) of Five Forces (CD) 20 Economic (CB): 22 Technological (CB): 23 Political/Legal (CB): 24 Global (CB): 25 Summary of Analyses and Impact (CB): 25 Strategic Group (PD) 26 Assumptions (PD): 27 Capabilities (PD): 28 Competitive Advantages (PD): 28 Current......

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...notification. 1. Load OIEADMIN Role. 2. From the Files menu, select Load Roles from Database. 3. In the Role Selection window, query the OIEADMIN role, 4. From the Query Results region, select the required roles and click the Add button to add the role to the Loaded Roles region. 5. Click OK to save the loaded role to the database. 6. Save your work. 7. Assign Role to the attribute: From the Navigator window, open the attribute. In the Navigator Control Properties, under the Attribute tab the Type in the main region should be set to Role. In the Default region, select the proper Value (role) and click Apply. Save your work. Assign a role for each of the attributes listed in the Performer Definitions table below. 8. Define Notification Performers. For each notification outlined in the Performer Definitions table below: a. Open the appropriate workflow process. b. In the workflow process, open the notification. c. In the Navigator Control Properties window, click the Node tab. d. Set Performer Type as Constant instead of Attribute. e. Choose OIEADMIN as Value. f. Click Apply and save your work. Note: To directly link a role to a notification, Set Performer Type as Constant instead of Attribute. Then, select the role OIEADMIN. By using the Constant type, you have more flexibility. The table below lists the notifications, the seeded performer for each workflow process, and new performer ......

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...several major projects e.g., Guoco Tower, SBF Center & Marina One etc in 2016-2017. The recovery will be led by companies seeking to set up regional headquarters in Singapore as they face the lowest supply in office space in two decades, Lynette Leong, CEO of CapitaCommerical Trust, indicated. Singapore’s annual supply of new office space will be lower than 1 million square feet in the next three years, down from the average 1.3 million square feet over the past 20 years. Singapore Residential Outlook Reason 1: More new properties are going to flood the market Reason 2: More resale units can be expected when the 4-year Seller Stamp Duty duration expires Reasons 3: Owners who overstretched themselves financially will have a hard time securing refinancing Reasons 4: The pool of potential property buyers has shrunk significantly...

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...because of how he did it. Harold Lloyd made us laugh as much, Charlie Chaplin moved us more deeply, but no one had more courage than Buster. I define courage as Hemingway did: "Grace under pressure." In films that combined comedy with extraordinary physical risks, Buster Keaton played a brave spirit who took the universe on its own terms, and gave no quarter. I'm immersed in his career right now, viewing all of the silent features and many of the shorts with students at the University of Chicago. Having already written about Keaton's "The General" (1927) in this series, I thought to choose another title. "The Navigator," perhaps, or "Steamboat Bill, Jr.," or "Our Hospitality." But they are all of a piece; in an extraordinary period from 1920 to 1929, he worked without interruption on a series of films that make him, arguably, the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies. Most of these movies were long thought to be lost. "The General," with Buster as a train engineer in the Civil War, was always available, hailed as one of the supreme masterpieces of silent filmmaking. But other features and shorts existed in shabby, incomplete prints, if at all, and it was only in the 1960s that film historians began to assemble and restore Keaton's lifework. Now almost everything has been recovered, restored, and is available on DVDs and tapes that range from watchable to sparkling. It's said that Chaplin wanted you to like him, but Keaton didn't care. I think he cared, but was......

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...The laws associated to property can be very extensive when more than one person is the owner of the property. Before you purchase a property a lot of things should be taken into much consideration including your property rights. There is a thin line between what is really yours when you are sharing property with other individuals. The way you own your property will affect how it will be classified and who will receive it after your death. Joint of Tenants Rights of Survivorship In North Carolina there are three different types of ways that people can jointly own property together. Those three ways are through tendency by the entirety, joint tenancy and tenancy in common. Under joint tendency everyone involved share an equal stake in the property, meaning no one can own more than the next. In this case Andy, Floyd, Barney and Howard share the property equally. If either party chooses to sell their portion of the property they can. They do not need the approval of the other co-owners of the property to do so. If one of the owners dies the interest will automatically be divided equally amongst the other co-owners. (Brennan & Browne 377) Joint of tenants’ rights of Survivorship explains that when there is a living tenant the property is to be transferred or paid to that living party at your death, the property is not controlled by your will. (Mitchiner 2) Fortunately, Barney would not be accountable to pay any fees and his longtime property would not be foreclosed...

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...effluxion of time or obsolescence through technology and market changes. Accordingly, depreciation may arise even when asset has not been used in the current year but was ready for use in that year. The need for using the stand by bus may not have arisen during the year but that does not imply that the useful life of the bus has not been affected. Therefore, non-provision of depreciation on the ground that the bus was not used during the year is not tenable. As per para no. 10.1 of AS 10, ‘Accounting for Fixed Assets’, clearly states that the gross book value of the self constructed fixed asset includes the costs of construction that relate directly to the specific asset and the costs that are attributable to the construction activity in general can be allocated to the specific asset. If any internal profit is there it 1.80 1.40 3.20 PAPER – 1 : ACCOUNTING 3 should be eliminated. Saving of ` 1,50,000 on account of using its on work force is an unrealized/ internal profit, which should not be capitalized/recorded as per the standard. Thus, only ` 4,50,000 should be debited to the factory building account and not ` 6,00,000. Hence, the contention of the directors of the company to capitalize ` 6,00,000 as cost of factory building, on the ground that the company is fully entitled to employ an outside contractor is not justifiable. (d) As per AS 14, ‘Accounting for Amalgamations’ there are two types of amalgamation. In first type of amalgamation there is a genuine......

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... TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 10 16 21 26 32 35 41 50 53 61 IN RETROSPECT: PROPERTY MARKET PERFORMANCE IN 2014 PRIVATE PROPERTY MARKET 2015: THE SQUEEZE TIGHTENS FURTHER HDB RESALE MARKET 2015: AN ANTICIPATION OF AN UPSWING? ALONG THE THOMSON LINE: BRINGING BENEFITS TO THE EAST SKIMMING THE SUBLETTING SITUATION HOW SINGAPOREANS FEEL ABOUT THE LOCAL PROPERTY MARKET COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: A MIXED OUTLOOK REFLECTING CHANGING LANDSCAPES PROPERTY OUTLOOK 2015: SEARCHING FOR INSIGHTS NEW YORK: A PROPERTY RISING STAR ON THE HORIZON LONDON RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY OUTLOOK: THE BEST JUST GOT BETTER FENG SHUI: USHERING IN THE YEAR OF THE GOAT PropertyGuru Outlook Report 2015 2 PREFACE It without a doubt property still remains a hot button issue for Singaporeans. From speculation about whether the cooling measures will be eased to predictions of just how much market prices will continue to fall, the topic has dominated conversations of many first-time buyers, upgraders and investors. In 2014, the decline in Singapore’s private residential and HDB resale market, showed no signs of abating. Restrictions on access to mortgage capital because of the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) has, to a large degree, influenced the reinforcement of these behavioural patterns and will continue to so – at least for the majority for 2015. And with the government reiterating that they will not relax the existing policies, status quo looks set to place further pressures on the already subdued market.......

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...INTRODUCTION Investing in the Australian property market is generally as strong today as it has ever been. The global financial crisis that hit the world in 2008 has certainly seen a slowdown in buying as investors are somewhat nervous, but was this temporary, or is it still something to be concerned about? The predictions by analysts are that this will only be a temporary slowdown in the property market. Time will tell! There are many reasons why property investors should not be running scared. Australia is in a rather unique position in that it has much diversification in its economy. There are one or two States that are not so well off in that regard, but there are also several States that have very strong reasons for going ahead with property investment. Queensland is the best placed State for property investment, with its varied mineral wealth, agriculture, fine weather that is attracting overseas migrants, tourism and continued growth. There are regions and suburbs in other States that are also receiving excellent growth, and we will cover these in further chapters. States affected during 2008 were NSW and SA, as they already had their own financial problems which had affected the finance of the two States overall. In saying that however, there are still areas of capital growth and good rental returns even in those States. Financing is always at the top of the list of concerns and the reason for this is due to the fact that finance is a constantly......

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