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The chart below shows what you have to do to reach each level.

|Level 7 | Enquiry using sources / Knowledge: |
| |We have extensively researched this project and are able to confidently demonstrate our knowledge. We offer a complex |
| |analysis of the key features of our chosen topic and are able to compare the story with other events in history and reach |
| |substantiated conclusions. It is evident that we have used a variety of sources in researching our story. |
| |Organisation & Communication: |
| |Our presentation is innovative and of high quality. It uses language and historical terms precisely in a way which clearly |
| |communicates complex ideas. It is a team effort. |
|Level 6 | Enquiry using sources / Knowledge: |
| |We have researched the project in some depth and are able to demonstrate that knowledge. We offer a detailed analysis of |
| |the key features of our story and have used a number of sources in our enquiry. We are able to compare the story with other|
| |events in history. |

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