Good Intentions Gone Bad

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Good Intentions Gone Bad

Ten Americans that are jailed in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti are pleading for the U.S. government to do more on their behalf and for the media to do less. These Americans who are affiliated with Baptist churches in Idaho went to aid Haitians after the Jan. 12 earthquake. They were arrested for trying to take 33 Haitian children to the neighboring Dominican Republic. The Americans claimed the children were orphaned but some of the children said they had parents. The Americans are charged with kidnapping and criminal association. The detainees worry that their arrest is taking focus from the quake disaster. American officials say they intend to let the Haitian justice system take its course and the Haiti prime minister is considering letting them be tried in the U.S.
I feel that these fellow Americans had good intentions but took it to far. Just because the Haitian government is in crisis does not mean that the laws should be ignored. We have seen kids being allowed to come and get medical help in the U.S. legally. We’ve seen couples who were already in the adoption process being able to bring their children so it’s not like there were no other options. I feel that these Americans should be held accountable. I also feel that they knew what they were doing was wrong or they would have took them to an airport not try take them across the border to the neighboring Dominican…...

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