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For an efficient government, should the leader be feared or loved?
Thought the entire human history, there have been many situations where in which a group of person or an individual has lead his nation to great achievement or to awful tragedy. Citizen following a great leader who inspired his countrymen to action by his ideology and philosophy of life, or leader that repressed their people and made their life so hard that they will not have the strength to fight against the power in place. Both ways of governing a nation have existed and exist, and are completely opposite, but it’s a clear fact that leader how are loved are able to transmit their ideals and achieve their purposes more easily if they can grasp the interest of the nation.
It is imperative for a leader to be respected, admired, and loved by its people. This leads to trust, as the citizens feels heard and understood by their leader. In fact the more a person feel secured and are satisfied with the current regime, then they are less likely to be misbehave in society, and be productive and positive towards the growth of the nation. Another features of a loved leadership is that mostly all government official would believe in their work and ways of modifying society that they would become less corruptible, which would allow for a stronger nation, as it wealth can be put to good use and not go in the pocket of the rulers and his family.
Although being a good and loved leader should not be so difficult, there is a lot of enemy of the peace that are greedy for power. Numerous great loved leaders were destitute from their thrones by people seeking it for themselves, wanting money and power. Some very famous examples are Julius Caesar, Mahatma Gandhi and the U.S president J.F Kennedy. All those famous leader where assassinated and for some, what they have built was sweep clean…...

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