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Green Roof
A green roof is a green space located on buildings. Green roofs use evapo-transpiration and radiation to absorb heat, filter air pollutants and retain storm water. The term “green” stems from nature, or anything that has to do with it. . Architects like Le Corbusier and Frank Llyod Wright used very early forms of green roof technology on their own homes, which led more people to become familiar with green roofs worldwide. The “green” or earth-friendly solution for urban areas with high pollution was green roof technology, used to create less pollution and to conserve energy. Evapo-transpiration is evaporation and transpiration through plant’s leaves, which leads to water loss in the plant.
Parts Analysis
From the top-down, the Green roof has many parts. The very top is where the indigenous plants are stored. Indigenous plants are more adaptable to a particular environment. Under these plants, there are roots with soil. This soil, also known as the growing medium is usually 1597 kg per cubic metre for a roof. Mediums mostly have around 20 to 40 cm of soil thick. Underneath the medium lies a filter such as a cloth of fabric or in some cases aluminum foil. Beneath all this is the drainage layer, which is held above the waterproof membrane layers. Drainage passages hold leaked water caught through rain faill. Newer roofs contain thin aluminum foil layer between the membrane. The waterproof membrane separates the water from the building itself. Underneath this membrane is the roof of the building.
Operating Principles
The green roof has three separate functions. These functions include taking in storm water, filtering air pollutants and also reducing the need to use energy in a building. Once rain-water fills up the roots of the plants at the top of the green roof, over a short period of time the process of…...

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