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Zombie Virus or Rabies-Flu Hybrid?
Could a highly improbable genetic tweak cause a mutant virus? Hollywood would sure like us to believe it, or else they would lose at the box office. Though humans once dead can’t rise from the grave, it is possible that certain viruses can cause violent aggressive behavior, one such virus is Rabies, which could cause some zombie-like traits.
Rabies is a viral disease and it causes the central nervous system to become afflicted with horrible symptoms, causing a human to act like a stark raving mad lunatic. Once infected, humans do not immediately show signs of the disease. Actually, the first signs of rabies, such as confusion, hallucinations, anxiety, and paralysis- could lay dormant in the body and not typically appear for a week up to a year. Once symptoms do appear, if left untreated, could be fatal within a week.
Now take the influenza virus’ ability to spread rapidly through the air, and combine it with rabies. Could this combination possibly cause a zombie apocalypse? I think if this were to happen, gun sales would sky rocket. Can you picture it? The caption would read, “Now open, Zombie Season, how many can you get?” Rabies though is no laughing matter.
Viruses can exchange pieces of genetic code, but they have to be related. It’s scientifically unheard of when two different viruses like rabies and influenza merge, because they are too different. Viruses don’t mix and match, they interchange only with their own gene family. Nature won’t allow the rabies-flu hybrid to be created, both viruses would have to go through too many changes to be merged, it just is not possible. This sure makes me feel more comfortable around animals. Humans have to get involved because rabies can and will continue unless we use preventable measures. Humans mainly contract rabies from the uncontrolled disease in dogs. Rabies can be 100%…...

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