Guillermo's Furniture Store Concepts

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Guillermo Furniture Store Concepts
FIN/571: Corporate Finance Guillermo Navallez, owner of Guillermo’s Furniture Store (GFS) experienced diminishing profit margins as operating costs increased and prices decreased steadily during the late 1990s. Two factors triggered the aforementioned. One, a new competitor started using computer programmed machinery to make high quality, but less expensive furniture. Two, improved infrastructure and new businesses created jobs, creating an influx of workers and substantial increases in labor costs.
The purpose of this paper is to explain 12 finance principles and concepts learned in week one and discuss how Navallez can apply said concepts to maximize his company’s value (University of Phoenix, 2009). The scope of this discussion encompasses the 12 concepts foundational to corporate finance. The 12 principles are self-interested behavior, two-sided transactions, signaling, behavioral, valuable ideas, competitive advantage, options, risk-return trade-off, diversification, capital market efficiency, and time-value-of-money (Emery, Finnerty, & Stowe, 2007).
Principles and Concepts Self-interested behavior dictates that people tend to act in their best financial interest. For Navallez, selling or another company acquiring GFS was not in his best financial interest. Conversely, he believed that transforming his company into a distributorship was financially viable and would allow him to maximize family time. GFS and its Norway competitor would each benefit from an alliance because their two-sided transaction would not comprise a zero-sum game where one company gains at the expense of the other. GFS would assume a distributorship role for its competitor and said competitor would have access to a robust distribution network. Signaling describes actions conveying information, and behavior is a result of signaling. Imitating…...

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...Running Head: Guillermo’s Furniture Store Scenario [Name] [Professor Name] [Course] [Date] Abstract: This paper attempts to examine the financial concepts found in Guillermo's Furniture Store Scenario. The Financial concepts are used to demonstrate how they can significantly sustain a company’s competitive edge. It further discusses the financial management approaches and how their proper application can add value to a business’ products as well as economic efficiency. Further, the paper attempts to develop a financial plan for Guillermo to enable it to competitive in its respective furniture market. Guillermo’s Furniture Store: Financial Principles Guillermo’s Furniture Store offers a convenient case study essential for analysis of financial principle concepts within a competitive economic setting. Among the financial concepts appreciable within the context of the set-up include financial markets, financial principles as well as business ethics that form the basis from which financial decisions are made. Guillermo’s Furniture Store case study divulges how the entry of a new competitor from abroad has triggered unexpected challenges to the financial situation of the business. Previously, Guillermo furniture store seem to benefitted from a form of monopoly advantage, resulting from its seemingly popular brand name, non-competitive market conditions and cheap labor in Sonora. This was until the entrance of the new entrants into the local market.......

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...Guillermo Furniture Store Concepts Introduction Guillermo’s Furniture Manufacturing facility has been located in Sonora, Mexico successfully until the late 1990’s. Guillermo Navallez noticed a decline in profit and found that he would need to make changes to his manufacturing establishment in order to financially stay in business. Navallez used concepts from staying in the competitive economic environment and using accounting and research to establish some potential changes in Guillermo’s future endeavors. The Competitive Economic Environment Navallez saw through his loss of profit that there was competition for his manufacturing facility. Through researching his competitors he came up with future options for his manufacturing facility to stay in business and grow. Several of the concepts and principles of the financial environment were used. Navallez obtained information about the overseas competitor using high-tech machinery compared to the labor force. Profit margins were shrinking and decisions were going to be necessary. Navallez had options of consolidating into a larger organization through acquisition or merger. Navallez wanted to stay in business and be active but not take any more time away from his family. Principles Used The Principle of Self-Interested Behavior: People Act in Their Own Financial Self-Interest. (Emery, 2007, p. 20). This principle uses the theory of choosing the most financially opportunity. “In such impersonal transactions, getting the......

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